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ETFO Resources

ETFO-YR Member Handbook

ETFO Pregnancy & Parental Leave- A Guide to Rights and Responsibilities

A Member’s Guide to Long-Term Disability

A Member’s Guide to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

A Member’s Guide to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board


Dependent Care Policy:

ETFO-YR will subsidize the dependent care costs of members who are required to attend meetings sponsored by the ETFO-YR outside of the regular instructional day, members who attend the ETFO-YR General Meeting, and members who attend the ETFO-YR Annual Meeting, subject to the Dependent Care policy. Dependent Care Expense Claim Forms will be available at the registration table for members who attend eligible meetings.

Please log into the Member’s Secure Area to download the form.

Measles shouldn’t come back from March Break – are you protected?

In advance of the spring break travel season, the Public Health Agency of Canada issued a statement warning about the global surge in measles activity, combined with the decline in measles vaccine coverage among school-aged children in Canada, which stated:

“Adults should ensure they have received two doses of a measles-containing vaccine if they were born in 1970 or later, and one dose of a measles-containing vaccine if born before 1970.”

To prevent transmission, everyone is strongly advised to be vaccinated with two doses of a measles vaccine, especially before travelling.

Protect yourself against identity theft

Canadians are feeling more vulnerable to fraudsters and identity theft than ever before. In 2022, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre observed approximately $531 million in losses to fraud. In 2023, this number increased to $554 million.

Although the digital world has benefits, Canadians’ increasing online participation also creates more opportunities for fraudsters to target potential victims. Statistics Canada found that 17 per cent of the Canadian population (or one in six people) reported being a victim of fraud. That’s why Fraud Prevention Month (March) is so important. As an annual campaign, it seeks to help you recognize, reject, and report fraud.

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New podcast episode: An interview with Susan Swackhammer

Feminism, labour activism, and the realities of teaching are part of the discussion in the latest episode of the ETFO podcast Elementary. Former ETFO first vice-president Susan Swackhammer joins Elementary to talk about the formation of the Federation and the importance of educators in the public education system. You can find Elementary on most podcast apps or at

Listen now.

New union resource for you!

This might be your first year as a member of our union, or it might be your fifth! Either way, we want every member to know more about their union, membership services and benefits, our advocacy work and how you, as an ETFO member, can get involved. 

Download a copy of the new Welcome to ETFO booklet and please share it with a new member in your workplace. For other great resources visit the New Members page at

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OTIP: The ultimate fall home maintenance checklist

Preparing your home in the warmer weather could save you some headaches when winter starts blowing in.

Wondering what kind of home maintenance tasks you need to do to get your property ready for fall and winter?

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LTD renewal rates will remain the same

OTIP long-term disability plan benefit rates will not be increasing in the 2024 year for ETFO teachers and any education worker members who participate in the OTIP Plan.

OTIP removed commercial interest from the plan by transitioning to a self-insured plan effective January 2020. This has allowed OTIP to keep rates unchanged since March 2018 despite fluctuations in claims activity and challenges such as rising mental health concerns 

In partnership with leading health experts, OTIP provides plan members with access to free, evidence-based wellness programs. Find out more and access resources or contact OTIP at 1-800-267-6847.  

The Canada Revenue Agency provides educators with back-to-school tips

This back-to-school season, we are here to make it easy to teach and understand taxes. Whether you are an educator or an organization that supports educational growth, there are many resources that you can take advantage of this academic year.

Find out more about tax literacy and education-related credits and deductions at

Information: 2023-2024 Fee Rate

We would like to inform you of the ETFO membership fee rate for the upcoming school year. The rate is 1.4 per cent of earnings and is unchanged from the previous school year.

Member Services

Who doesn’t like a deal?
Save with Edvantage!

Active ETFO members, can access the Edvantage program courtesy of Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan group of companies to receive discounted offers on products and services including travel, entertainment, shopping, health and wellness, insurance, and services, as well as gadgets and tech. Since May 2021, Edvantage has a new registration.

You will need your group name: ETFO, and your Edvantage number, which is your ETFO ID to register. Don’t miss Edvantage offers. Register today!

There is also an FAQ and video to help with registration, and you can subscribe to the Edvantage newsletter here.

Improve Your Mental Fitness

Starling Minds is a digital program to help you better manage stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression. Take simple steps to help you lead a healthier, happier life. Register here.

Access code:  ETFOMEMBER 

Have questions? Feel free to contact Starling Minds any time at 

OTIP: Should you opt out of Direct Compensation Property Damage coverage?

Soon, Ontario drivers will have a new option to restrict coverage in the event of a collision – the option not to claim damages.

In December 2022, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) announced that Ontario Policy Change Form (OPCF) 49 will give drivers the choice to opt out of Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) coverage.

Under OPCF 49, you can agree not to be compensated by your insurance company or anyone else, including anyone at fault for causing the damage or their insurance company. But what does that mean? Read more#OTIPUpdate

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