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Say No to the EQAO Teacher Questionnaire

ETFO’s provincial Executive continues to advise members not to participate in the voluntary Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) teacher questionnaire.

EQAO has indicated it is leveraging information from teacher questionnaires to investigate decreasing EQAO scores. Don’t give the government ammunition to blame teachers for declining scores; keep accountability where it belongs: their systemic underfunding of public education. Say no to the EQAO teacher questionnaire.

Please share this advisory information with your colleagues involved in EQAO.

ETFO member advisories can be found on the ETFO member website. Register with your ETFO ID at members.etfo.ca


Member rights regarding EQAO withdrawal

It is ETFO’s position that EQAO testing be eliminated completely. The Federation views province-wide testing of every student in the Primary and Junior divisions as both a misuse of student time and an ineffective use of funds that should be redirected to support students’ learning.

Members who are parents/guardians of children scheduled for EQAO testing are encouraged to visit the members.etfo.ca News and Updates page for information on how to request that your child not participate in any part of the EQAO standardized test.