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Pride Resources

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Indigenous History Month Resources

In honour of Indigenous History Month, the Social Justice & Equity Committee would like to provide information to support ETFO-YR Members in understanding and upholding the rights of the Indigenous peoples.

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The ETFO-YR Social Justice and Equity Committee celebrates Asian Heritage Month and Jewish Heritage Month and shares culturally relevant and responsive resources with ETFO-YR Members below!

Jewish Heritage Month

‘Whereas the Jewish population in Canada is approximately 400,000 people, making it the fourth-largest Jewish population in the world;

Whereas the Canadian Jewish community has made significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of Canada while overcoming tremendous obstacles;

Whereas the month of May is meaningful for the Jewish community around the world;

Whereas, by designating the month of May as Canadian Jewish Heritage Month, the Parliament of Canada recognizes the important contributions that Jewish Canadians have made to Canada’s social, economic, political and cultural fabric;

And whereas Canadian Jewish Heritage Month would provide an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about the inspirational role that Jewish Canadians have played and continue to play in communities across the country;

Now, therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

1 This Act may be cited as the Canadian Jewish Heritage Month Act.

2 Throughout Canada, in each and every year, the month of May is to be known as “Canadian Jewish Heritage Month”.’ (Canadian Jewish Heritage Month Act)

ETFO Resources:


Asian Heritage Month

“Diversity represents one of Canada’s greatest strengths, and we strive to ensure that all Canadians have the opportunity to reach their full potential and participate in Canada’s civic life.

Over the last two centuries, immigrants have journeyed to Canada from East Asia, Southern Asia, Western, Central and Southeast Asia, bringing our society a rich cultural heritage representing many languages, ethnicities and religious traditions.

The people of this diverse, vibrant and growing community have contributed to every aspect of life in Canada — from the arts and science to sport, business, and government.

Asian Heritage Month offers all Canadians an opportunity to learn more about the history of Canadians of Asian heritage and to celebrate their contributions to the growth and prosperity of Canada.” (About Asian Heritage Month –

ETFO Resources:


Holocaust Remembrance Day

ETFO-YR’s Social Justice & Equity Committee acknowledges International Holocaust Remembrance Day and honours the nearly 6 million Jews who were targeted and murdered during the holocaust. We also honour Black communities, people of colour, the Romas, people with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ peoples, and all those who were targeted and murdered by the Nazis during the holocaust.

January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day, we commemorate the tragedy of the millions of Jews and many others who were murdered during WWII. With education, we can ensure words to action. Never again!

Part of ETFO’s mission is to be a positive influence for change at a societal level. An important way we can do that is by learning, sharing and educating to stop all forms of hate, including antisemitism.

Antisemitism can take many forms, ranging from individual acts of discrimination, physical violence, vandalism, and hatred to more organized and systematic efforts to destroy entire communities and genocide. This longstanding form of creed-based prejudice and discrimination continues in Ontario today. 

Resources to help you address and eliminate antisemitism are available here.  

Canadian Holocaust Resources:  

Facing History:

Museum of Tolerance:

Upcoming Events

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Schoolyard Climate Conversation with For Our Kids

Monday June 6, 2022 - 4:30-6:00pm
Location: Virtual Event

Islamic Heritage Month, 2SLGBTQ+ History Month, and Latin American History Month

In partnership and solidarity, the Social Justice Equity Committee would like to share events and resources to support our members and the communities we serve for Islamic Heritage Month, 2SLGBTQ+ History Month, and Latin American History Month.

Members looking for resources to further support themselves, colleagues, students and/or families are encouraged to reach out to Social Justice Equity Committee Chair, Amina Patel at:


Rise Brothers will strive to empower young Black males by creating safe spaces to affirm identity, build community with other Black youth, increase student voice, and develop leadership skills. The program will address and acknowledge Black male youth needs in order to strengthen personal aspirations, build community partnerships and enhance future pathways. Programming will include: leadership training, 21st century technological skill development, career exploration, discussions about financial literacy and entrepreneurship, community outreach initiatives, and scholarship opportunities. (Please click here)


Those interested are asked to fill out this form:
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Those interested are asked to contact Social Justice Equity Chair, Amina Patel, for more information:

October is Islamic Heritage Month:

OTTAWA, October 1, 2021

Today marks the beginning of Canadian Islamic History Month. Proclaimed by Parliament in 2007, this month recognizes the significant role that Muslim communities play in Canadian society and highlights their extraordinary contributions.

Canadians have an opportunity this month to learn more about the history of Islam in Canada and recognize the many achievements of Muslim Canadians in the arts, sports, academics, sciences, literature and their communities. It is also a time to acknowledge the ongoing challenges and barriers that Muslim Canadians face. This year has been difficult for Muslim communities across Canada, as we saw the horrific results of racism and hate.

Together, we must combat all forms of discrimination, Islamophobia and hate-fueled violence directed at Muslim communities across the country. This month is a time to continue working toward a compassionate, inclusive and safer Canada for everyone.

Happy Canadian Islamic History Month! (

YRDSB Islamic Heritage Month Events & Resources:
(Please click here) or Click here 


Starting Points for Countering Islamophobia – Click here 

The Power of Stories: Learning from Complex Characters to Counter Islamophobia By Rabia Kokhar (ETFO):

AEMS Solidarity in Grief – Click here 

Those interested are asked to contact Social Justice Equity Chair, Amina Patel, for more information:

October is 2SLGBTQ+ History Month:

LGBTQ+ History Month is a month-long celebration of the history of the diverse and beautiful lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community and the importance of civil rights movements in progressing gay rights. The observance was created by Rodney Wilson, a history teacher at a Missouri high school, in 1994. The following year, LGBTQ+ History Month was added to the list of commemorative months in a resolution forwarded by the General Assembly of the National Education Association. October was chosen as the month of observance as National Coming Out Day already existed as a holiday on October 11. Also, the anniversary of the first march for gay rights in Washington took place on October 14, 1979. (


The affirmation of sexual and gender diversity in our learning and working environments means that we recognize the diversity within our 2SLGBTQ+ communities and acknowledge the presence of Indigenous, racialized, disabled and other diverse identities among our students and staff. Likewise, knowledge about 2SLGBTQ+ history helps to address the systemic barriers that contribute to heterosexism and cissexism. Affirming this diversity benefits the learning of all of our students and staff. (Please click here)

Resources are available at:
Positive Space: Supporting the 2SLGBTQ+ Communities:

2SLGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group contacts:
Those interested are asked to contact Social Justice Equity Chair, Amina Patel, for more information:

YRDSB’s 2SLGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group Virtual Get Together
Come and join us on zoom to meet other 2SLGBTQ+ colleagues and allies, share stories and hear about 2SLGBTQ+ initiatives happening in YRDSB.
Theme: It’s a Pre-Purple Spirit Day Party
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2021 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please register:
(Please click here for the Virtual Get Together)

A meeting link will be sent to you before the event. Please share this flyer with any YRDSB staff members who may be interested in joining us.

For more information, contact Social Justice Equity Chair, Amina Patel, for more information:

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YRDSB’s 2SLGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group Virtual Get Together flyer – Click here 

Those interested are asked to contact Social Justice Equity Chair, Amina Patel, for more information:

For more events to honour 2SLGBTQI+ History Month, visit: