Professional Learning Committee

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  • Debra Besner, Armadale
  • Tatiana Davydova, Milliken Mills
  • Jordan Donald, Aldergrove
  • Sarah Gibson-Neve, Oscar Peterson
  • Rizwana Kaderdina, Inclusive School and Community Services
  • Don Kemball, Fred Varley
  • Alison Rumball, Regency Acres
  • Daniela Tessaro, Johnny Lombardi
  • Tui-Sem Won (ex-officio), ETFO-YR

Workshop Registration Policy:

ETFO-YR Fair Distribution Policy (email registration with no required payment):

  1. For all registration requests received by 3pm on the (anticipated) 6th (sixth) day after the flyer has been picked up by the Board courier, names will be drawn by lottery; otherwise registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The cut-off date for the lottery shall be clearly indicated on the flyer

  2. For professional learning workshops (with release time), preference will be given to those members who have not already attended a release-time workshop in the current school year.

  3. Successful applicants and applicants on the waiting list will be notified.


Click on event title for flyer and/or registration information.

ETFO Summer Academy

Registration opens May 30 2022


ETFO-YR provides funding for the Professional Learning of its members, according to ETFO-YR Funding Policies. Funding Assistance is available in 2 different categories: ETFO-sponsored PL, and non-ETFO PL. Funding for ETFO-sponsored PL can be applied for once per school year (July 1 – June 30) and covers registration up to $200 (no expenses or supply coverage). Non-ETFO funding assistance is limited: up to $200 to cover the cost of registration only (no expenses or supply coverage), and you can receive non-ETFO funding assistance once every two (2) years. 

PLEASE NOTE that in both categories, the application for funding assistance must be received by ETFO-YR BEFORE the PL activity is completed. Also, please be aware that ETFO-YR will not provide funding assistance for AQ courses with a registration cost of less than $500. 

Members experiencing barriers to completing the application form(s) due to COVID restrictions should email


  • shall not provide PL Funding Assistance for PL Opportunities offered by the OPC;

  • shall not provide funding assistance for any AQ courses with a registration cost less than $500; and 

  • shall not provide funding assistance for AQ courses where members receive or are provided with a subsidy from another organization (this includes AQ’s where members can apply for the OTF AQ subsidy).

Funding Assistance for ETFO-Sponsored PL:

Print the (2020) Application for Financial Sponsorship to Attend ETFO PL  form

Send the completed form to the ETFO-YR office in Aurora by Board courier or by fax (905-727-2637), ATTN: Jennifer Smalley Higgs. Your application will be processed and a letter will be sent to you by Board courier indicating the status of your application.

Funding Assistance for non-ETFO-Sponsored PD:

Print the (2020) Application for Funding Assistance to attend a non-ETFO-Sponsored PL  form.

You will need to submit this completed form, along with a copy of the conference/workshop registration (showing price, date, title, etc.). Please note that the application form MUST be signed by your principal (he or she MUST indicate what, if any, monies you are receiving from the school, even if the answer is $0) in order for your application to be processed (this proves that you have asked the Board for PD funds).

Send the 2 forms listed above to the ETFO-YR office in Aurora by Board courier or by fax (905-727-2637), ATTN: Jennifer Smalley Higgs ( Your application will be processed and a letter will be sent to you by Board courier indicating the status of your application.

New ETFO-YR Member Lunch Programme

ETFO-YR Stewards have the opportunity to treat new ETFO-YR members to lunch.  Information about the programme, and the application form can be found in the Local Stewards Binder Insert.

Dependent Care Policy:

ETFO-YR will subsidize the dependent care costs of members who are required to attend meetings sponsored by the ETFO-YR outside of the regular instructional day, members who attend the ETFO-YR General Meeting, and members who attend the ETFO-YR Annual Meeting, subject to the Dependent Care policy. Dependent Care Expense Claim Forms will be available at the registration table for members who attend eligible meetings.


  • Upcoming Professional Learning Events – Click here

  • New Mental Health Resource

    OTIP has announced a new partnership with Starling Minds, a digital mental health program to help you with stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression. This online program is 100 per cent secure, available to all members, and will assist you in taking simple steps every day towards a healthier, happier life.

    Read this PDF about the new resource and learn how to register.

    To get started, use ETFOMEMBER as your access code and go to

The Occasional Teacher’s Toolbox

June 3 and 4 

The conference will be an exciting learning opportunity designed to provide workshops with practical strategies, resources, and networking opportunities for occasional and long-term occasional teachers. Register to participate in engaging workshops and hear a keynote presentation by Dr. Hopi Lovell Martin. 

Learn more.

Registration closes May 9 at noon EDT

Annual Native Language Gathering

June 11

ETFO invites members to register for this one-day in-person learning opportunity, it is the Second Annual Native Language Gathering.

The Six Nations Language Commission will be in attendance, with time for discussion, sharing and networking.

Read the flyer for details.

Registration closes May 9.

ETFO AQ Summer Courses

This is a reminder that our courses fill up quickly so register early at Registration closes on June 21 at 5:00 p.m. EDT as courses commence on July 4, 2022.

*If you have forgotten your username or password, please call 1-877-325-7778 for assistance.